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Nordtech Search

The website is now live, thanks so much for all your work. It’s incredible the way you have been able to deliver the message I wanted in the way you have done, I thought it was going to be difficult but you’ve hit the nail on the head every single time in exactly the way I wanted it to come across. I’m very impressed and will refer you to anyone who needs a great copywriter - but I get the feeling you’ll be hearing from me again on new projects!

Macmillan Education

Tim was hired as scriptwriter and actor as part of a project to develop six Skills for Work videos for Macmillan Education in 2015, which would be offered as resource materials to teachers wanting to develop employability skills in their adult English language learners. The videos were to cover certain elements from different levels of our coursebooks Open Mind and Mind series and ensure the objectives in the content of the coursebooks was reflected in the scripts – a task which was not an easy one as the videos also had to be engaging and of interest to a sophisticated audience. Not only did Tim meet the very tight schedule and deadlines for the six scripts for each video, but he also was flexible and open to rewriting when the brief needed to be developed more, even over the weekend. The scripts and instructions to actors were clear, so much so that they were able to be filmed in two days. Tim was also acting in them and was able to lend his directorial support as well. The videos and their related worksheets we developed in-house are now online on our website and spearheading our new Employability Skills campaign for 2016. Our office in Spain has used them as part of a bespoke offer to loyal customers and we have them on a  youtube channel along with their  trailer. They have had a wonderfully positive response from customers and from colleagues alike with comments such as how engaging and amusing and helpful they are, whether you are a language learner or someone seeking job related support material. Thank you very much for the great scripts Tim!

Fauzia Eastwood - Macmillan Education

Scott and Robson

Tim’s work is superb. We briefed him for copy to accompany the launch of our new Greetings Card Publishing company. We had all the visuals but felt our own words didn’t do them justice. Tim’s copy nailed our requirements and the new greetings card ranges now have descriptions of a quality to match our designs. This makes all the difference to our brand and helps us to stand out from the crowd. As soon as our new ranges are completed, we’ll be hiring Tim again.

Jo Scott - Founder of Scott and Robson

Care For Mummies

I contacted Tim recently, asking him to create the copy for my website. He understood my brief perfectly and created content that I am delighted with. I can now go ahead with my business with fabulous copy that will attract the right clients. I found him to be professional and reliable at all times and would definitely recommend his services or commission him in the future.

Gisele Pelosi - Founder of Care For Mummies

Ile de Re Property

Working to tight deadlines, thewriteside created an outstanding online content for our new UK facing property venture based around the French Island of Ile de Re. We wanted something that was clear and informative but also enticing for the reader. The writer (Tim), matched all these requirements but exceeded our expectations by capturing the island’s merits in really creative ways and portraying an irresistible destination for the high-end holidaymaker. What really impressed me was the speed and accuracy with which he understood our messages and how we want them delivered. We feel sure that Tim’s words played a part in driving the idea forward at an early stage and we look forward to using him again in the future.

Jerome Plare - Joint Owner

Co Company

Tim is extremely skilled in eliciting information about what’s needed. He helped me to think through things that I didn’t even realise needed thinking through!

Andrew Saffron - CMO

Enta Marketing

Tim wrote outstanding B2B content for our marketing department which enabled us to communicate a clear message to prospective customers. He helped increase awareness of our products and services which led to new custom in a highly competitive and already overcrowded market. The messages in the packs needed to summarise and simplify quite complex technical ideas into highly readable and clear copy that would also engage and attract. Tim paid meticulous attention to detail and delivered copy that met all the requirements and exceeded our expectations.

Christian Terrill - Client Services Manager

Mercatus Consulting

Tim wrote the copy for our corporate website. We were delighted with the results. After a brief initial consultation, Tim delivered precisely the right messages in precisely the right tone for our site and our prospective audience. All the copy was delivered to a very high standard within a few days. Tim is a highly skilled and accomplished writing professional and I’ll certainly be using him for future assignments.

Paul Shaw - Director

bocs Systems

Over several years I’ve employed Tim to produce high quality corporate literature, from microscopically detailed end user documentation, through marketing materials to scripting for conference presentations. His versatile approach results each time in a happy marriage of message to audience. I really can’t fault his work. Good-humoured and easy to work with, Tim always masters the appropriate tone and gets the message across succinctly. His consistently high standards of delivery add real value to our corporate literature.

Austin Harrison - Sales Manager

Enta Systems

Using ROBOHELP, Tim created all our online help across a very substantial software product. Charged with designing the look-and-feel and developing protocols from scratch, Tim created a suite of richly detailed and intuitive screens which were very highly rated by customers and reduced calls to our helpdesk. This large scale project added genuine usability and prestige to our product and Tim’s professional attitude and rigorous approach marked him out as first-class in his field.

Bruce Moore - Marketing Manager

Mary Louise Clark Associates

I have worked with Tim on a number of government projects most notably for futurefocus in the Department for Business for which he created a superb forum theatre scenario which fitted the brief to a tee. Themes around influencing during times of change were sensitively and intelligently managed and the piece received very positive feedback from both the client and the attendees at the workshop.

Mary Louise Clark

Galathea STS

Tim updated our website with lively new content and wrote excellent customer newsfeeds that really inspired our user community and maintained a high level of interest in our software and services. Always clear, frequently witty but never off the mark, Tim was a real asset to our client strategy and day-to-day operation.

Jac Evans - Training Manager

Robert Griffin Photography

I thought I could write a bit, but having engaged Tim, it turned out I was wrong! In refreshing my website, Tim was able to enhance meaning, bring more coherence and add impact to what I was trying to say. Tim is highly skilled and gave me exactly what I needed, on time and at highly competitive rates. I will certainly use him again and will be recommending him highly.

Robert Griffin

Voice Limited

The landing pages for our website needed reworking and Tim was a pleasure to work with. He immediately added strategic value in terms of our key messaging, visitor journey and how our call to actions might work more effectively. The copy itself really leapt off the page, matching our house style but getting straight to the nub and expressing exactly what we needed to say, powerfully and clearly. Many thanks, I will be recommending thewriteside to clients and colleagues.

Carol Noakes - Founder


We approached Tim after he was recommended to me by a friend.

My daughter had an accident and she could not attend school for almost two months. She is aged 7 and in year 3 at school. I knew this was going to affect her academic development and her confidence. Unfortunately I was not the best person to help as English is not my first language. She had also become a bit tricky to deal with and refusing to do any homework with me. We contacted Tim and a few other tutors, but from the moment I spoke to Tim, I realised that he was right for my daughter. I was not wrong. On the first day Tim arrived, he engaged and interested her within 5 minutes! She now really enjoys her sessions with Tim and does his homework without hesitation. Not only that, my daughter’s teacher informed me recently, that she did really well in her latest test at school. This is the same teacher that a few months ago thought she was struggling a bit. Tim is very well organised and tailors each lesson to my daughter’s needs, always taking into account the national curriculum. I would highly recommend him.

They have developed a really good rapport and working relationship…

Tim tutors both my boys once a week, having started with the eldest to help him prepare for 11 plus exams. They have developed a really good rapport and working relationship; no mean task as my eldest can be hypersensitive to criticism and new relationships and has minor learning difficulties. On the other hand, Tim has worked very well with my 9 year old who is intelligent and needs pushing. That relationship is flourishing as well.

Max passed his exams and got into Westminster Choir Boys School! We are all very happy and proud!

Max really enjoyed lessons with Tim and looked forward to them. Tim was able to hold Max’s focus and attention for 2 hour lessons. His manner with Max was very friendly but firm with creative and fun ideas for each lesson. Tim used different resources and materials for English comprehension and inspired storytelling. Max loved the story cubes and enjoyed using them with his sister. Tim was building upon what Max already knew and was challenging him by stimulating his imagination. We really appreciated that Tim was often available at short notice and was flexible with session times.  This tutoring was a massive help and push towards the exams for Max and we couldn’t have done it without Tim!

I have already recommended Tim on several occasions.

Whilst in year 4 our son had missed 13 weeks of school due to ongoing illness. He is a late August birthday and we were concerned that, whilst maintaining his position on the top tables, he would have missed core parts of the curriculum. He attends a primary school that has 35 children in its junior classes and so the potential for things to be missed, we believed, we’re too much of a risk. Within a very short time of starting with Tim, family members and teachers began to comment on the marked improvement in our son’s confidence level. Tim is particularly adept at listening to and hearing what our son is saying and, from that, being able to adapt his input to meet his individual learning style. Tim is currently tutoring our fourth child and we therefore have had experience of working with other tutors. I feel very confident that Tim was the best match for our son and have no hesitation in recommending him.

Tim’s help was instrumental in the progress my daughter and the fact that her results at school were better than we first anticipated.

Tim designed an intensive two month, weekly catch up course in English for my 10 years old daughter. We have lived abroad for a number of years which meant that she had been studying in a language other than English, leaving gaps in her knowledge. From the very first time I contacted him, Tim showed a very good understanding of her specific needs. He elaborated a plan that covered all the main areas of the curriculum (comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, writing) making special emphasis on creating writing. Tim customised each of the lessons and made an effort to bring inspiring material that my daughter could use to write about. In one particular occasion Tim brought some maps of the First World War trenches that inspired my daughter to write a very good creative piece. Tim was also very open to my feed back and would modify the lessons accordingly if we felt that something could be improved. He also provided my daughter with homework to do over the week in order for her to consolidate what she has learnt during the lesson. I would truly recommend Tim as a very reliable, inspiring and thorough tutor who would make sure his students achieve the desired objectives.

Tim has very good subject knowledge and is well prepared with lesson plans and agreed goals.

Tim has been working with both of my daughters in English, Writing, Vocabulary, Spelling, Comprehension and in Maths. Since their first meeting, Tim put my girls at ease with a kind persona and genuine interest in getting to know them as individual learners. Tim always uses positive reinforcement which has helped boost the girl’s confidence.


Tim allows me to be creative and encourages me to make strong choices with the characters.

I have been having one to one audition coaching with Tim for the past nine months.   He has recommended a variety of unique monologues which have all been very well suited to my playing age and physicality.  Tim allows me to be creative and encourages me to make strong choices with the characters.  He has found ways that I can unlock a character and perform to the best of my ability.   When working on a monologue I find it very important to feel at ease and to be able to ask questions and not feel silly.  With Tim this is certainly possible. His tutoring has really helped me feel more confident and prepared for an audition. I would heartily recommend him to anyone who needs great speeches.

Vikki Mason - actress

I would recommend Tim to anyone who needs to get a fresh perspective on speeches

Tim provided me invaluable insights into some monologues I was preparing for the premiere of a new show. He encouraged me to make bold choices with the script and offered really detailed thoughts on interpretation, movement and the context of each speech within the whole work. I left him brimming with confidence and ready to take the work to an audience. I would recommend Tim to anyone who needs to get a fresh perspective on speeches or monologues, or needs some new material for auditions.

Roger Ringrose - actor