Monthly Archives: November 2017

Party Animals – which one is you?

Pep up the soiree with a game of ‘Guess the Party Animal’! Whatever the occasion, no respectable ‘bash’ is complete without its menagerie of rare guests, crying out to be classified. Being a show-off Latin scholar, I’ve even added their scientific names…   The Hyena Gigglum Forte Constantus. No need to consult David Attenborough, the [...]

Beg Your Pardon: how much do you apologise?

Sorry seems to be the hardest word, and yet we Brits offer up the ‘S’ word eight times a day. That’s 230,000 utterances in a lifetime! I’m sorry, but what is wrong with us? Like novelty teddy bears, squeeze gently and we burp out an apology. It’s deferential heartburn. A tick at the drop of [...]

Why London is still winning…

Let’s talk quirky. Did you know, there’s only one tube station with no letters from the word ‘mackerel’ in it? Read on to find out which – plus why London remains the capital of quirk! High and Mighty So you prefer odd to even, happenings to events and pop-ups to rip-offs? Then where better to [...]

Mummy Dearest

When spring has sprung, it’s time to treat the real life heroine of the family and say “Thank you, Mum”. Whether you’re giving big love to Mummy, Mother or Grandma on 26th March, the capital is chockful of spas, bars and eateries touting special stuff, individually designed for Mothering Sunday. Feel free to browse, but [...]

No Mandate for a Man-date?

Man-dates? I hear you cry – that is SO London! Maybe you’re right, but can’t two grown up chaps outside the M25 chew the fat over a candlelit Beef Wellington? Can’t Ray meet Roger in Rhyll for Rioja? There’s no law against it. But what exactly is a man-date? Well without the benefit of an [...]

Shame about the Boat Race

  While most students hang out in bars, play in bands and march on Parliament, the pride of Oxford and Cambridge sit in a boat and tear up Father Thames. And what for? Bragging rights and the chance to hurl their cox in the river. He, by the way, is the little chap who sits [...]

Thanksgiving, or thanks but give it up?

If President Obama can spare a turkey from Thanksgiving, then surely he can rescue 9 million Londoners from the same fate.   Don’t get me wrong, I loved Harvest Festival as a kid; decorating the local church with dodgy dried flowers; stuffing a satchel with mystery food tins that mum won at the WI tombola. [...]