Monthly Archives: March 2017

Paddy’s Day Parade!

The Irish and their far-flung diaspora take St Patrick’s Day most seriously with countless million pints of ‘the black stuff’ consumed every year and parades breaking out in hundreds of villages, towns and cities worldwide. So is this a good moment to reveal that St Patrick was actually British, liked to wear blue and was [...]

Beat the January ‘blah’…

There’s no sorrier sight than a naked Christmas tree, bereft of tinsel, blowing between the wheelie bin and the recycling box like Nordic tumbleweed. Only a couple of weeks ago, this handsome chap was adorned and adored, guarding its stash of joyful surprises. And now? Wood chip. That was a metaphor in case you missed [...]

Mistletoe Mishaps: 6 Christmas ‘Don’ts’

Avoid coming a cropper this Christmas by obeying our seasonal ‘don’ts’ and entering 2017 with a certain schadenfreude…while others trod in the yuletide doggy dirt, you showed a clean pair of heels! 1.       Don’t wear a Christmas jumper I’m sorry, but when did they become so naff-chic? I’m blaming Colin Firth in Bridget Jones, who [...]