Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Delicate Fruit

Cold enough for you? This cruel northerly not only gave me face ache yesterday but ravaged our bin store, turning it to a pile of knarled green plastic. You huddled hungry foxes on the railway line, don’t even think about it. As for me, I’m staying away from winter’s last hurrah and cuddling an advertorial [...]

When you can’t see the word for the trees…

This week I’m busy with some online content for The AA, having returned from a coaching assignment at an outpost of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Milton Keynes before you ask). As well as copywriting, I help create and deliver training courses in many areas of communication for the FCO, HMRC, local authorities and various [...]


Welcome to the bringing all my copywriting and freelance writing experience under one roof. I would love to know what you think. Now people can peruse my work, see my words and hopefully choose to benefit from them. So here’s the thing; went live last week and I’m offering brilliant introductory rates. Feel [...]